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% input file irlandais10.mid

X: 1


M: 4/4

L: 1/8


K:Bb % 2 flats

% MIDI Key signature, sharp/flats=-1 minor=0

% Time signature=6/8 MIDI-clocks/click=36 32nd-notes/24-MIDI-clocks=8


%The Oyle of Barly

%Cold and Raw

%H:Many lyrics were set to the tune, all having in common the metaphorical

%H:themes of strong ale, and of "selling barley", the feminine equivalent

%H:of "sowing wild oats"

%H:In 1688 a "new Scotch song" set to the tune

%H:appear. Written by D'Urfey, it began "Cold and raw the North did


%W:Be merry, my friends, and list a while

%W:Unto a merry jest

%W:It may

%W:from you produce a smile

%W:When you heare it exprest

%W:Of a young man

%W:lately married

%W:Which was a boone goode fellow

%W:This song in's head

%W:he alwaies carried

%W:When drink made him mellow

%W:I cannot go home,

%W:nor will I go home

%W:It's long of the oyle of Barly

%W:I'le tarry all

%W:night for my delight

%W:And go home in the morning early


%W:Wit and Satire (1647)

GG/2dB/2c/2AFF/2 GG/2d/2-|d/2B

g/2gd/2e/2 d/2c/2>B/2c/2 (3A2G2B2|

Vous avez choisi la suite :


Fichier 1 ../midi/irlandais10.mp3

Le fichier 1 est provfic.mp3 de longueur 1257921

marquer 1:1257921

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