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% input file irlandais42.mid

X: 1


M: 4/4

L: 1/8


% Last note suggests Dorian mode tune

K:F % 1 flats

% MIDI Key signature, sharp/flats=-1 minor=0

% Time signature=6/8 MIDI-clocks/click=36 32nd-notes/24-MIDI-clocks=8

%The Maid peept out at the window

%The Frier in the Well

%N:Key later changed to G Mix

%H:"The Friar in the Well": The story is an old one, and one of the many

%H:popular songs against monks and friars. D'Urfey included the song in

%H:"Pills to Purge Melancholy" (1719).

%W:As I lay musing all alone, a merry tale I thought upon

%W:Now listen a

%W:while and I will you tell

%W:Of a fryar that lov'd a bonny lass


%W:He came to her when she was going to bed

%W:Desiring to have

%W:her maidenhead

%W:But she denied his desire

%W:Saying that she did fear


%W:Tush tush, quoth the fryer, thou need's not

%W:If thou wert

%W:in hell I could sing thee out

%W:Why then, quoth the maid, thou shalt

%W:have thy request

%W:The fryer was as glad as a fox in his nest ...

D/2GG/2 G/2>A/2B/2AGd/2e/2dB/2G D/2GG/2 G/2>A/2B/2A/2-|A/2Gd/2e/2dB/2G|G/2Bc/2 d/2>e/2d/2cB/2A G/2FE/2|

FG/2A/2>G/2FG/2A/2G2-G/2|G/2Bc/2 d/2>e/2d/2cB/2A G/2FE/2|FG/2A/2>G/2F


Vous avez choisi la suite :


Fichier 1 ../midi/irlandais42.mp3

Le fichier 1 est provfic.mp3 de longueur 1886113

marquer 1:1886113

Vous avez choisi la suite de marqueur 1:1886113

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