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% input file irlandais54.mid

X: 1


M: 4/4

L: 1/8


% Last note suggests Dorian mode tune

K:F % 1 flats

% MIDI Key signature, sharp/flats=-1 minor=0

% Time signature=6/8 MIDI-clocks/click=36 32nd-notes/24-MIDI-clocks=8

%Hearts Ease

%H:There are two distinct tunes named "Heartsease" and considerable

%H:differences of opinion as to whether any of the known lyrics fit either

%H:of them. The earliest lyric is "a songe to the tune of hartes ease"

%H:from Thomas Richardes' play on an Italian model, called "Misogonus" (c.

%H:1560). Although it scans well, the text is arranged in short verses

%H:which would only use half the dance tune, implying that an earlier tune

%H:by this name may have had only one strain.


%H:Richard Dering's

%H:catch "Cries of London" is set to the A strain.


%H:Hearts-ease in

%H:16th century herbal culture was the little wild pansy, known today as

%H:Johnny-jump-up. It was also called "Love in Idleness".


%W:Singe care away with sport & playe

%W:Pasttime is all our


%W:Yf well we fare, for nought we care

%W:In mearth our

%W:constant treasure ...



%W:A cooper I am, and have been

%W:long, and hooping is my trade

%W:And married man am I to as pretty a

%W:wench as ever God hath made

G/2G/2>A/2B/2 AG/2_G=G/2A D/2GA/2|Bc/2d2-d/2 G/2G/2>A/2B/2 AG/2_G/2-|_G/2=G/2A D/2GA/2 Bc/2d2-d/2|d/2A/2B/2c/2 c/2d/2c/2fc/2c A/2BA/2|

B/2cd2-d/2 d/2cB/2 A/2>B/2c/2B/2-|B/2A/2d/2A/2 B/2AG/2 _G/2>E/2_G/2=G

Vous avez choisi la suite :


Fichier 1 ../midi/irlandais54.mp3

Le fichier 1 est provfic.mp3 de longueur 1383308

marquer 1:1383308

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