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% input file irlandais72.mid

X: 1


M: 4/4

L: 1/8


% Last note suggests Mixolydian mode tune

K:F % 1 flats

% MIDI Key signature, sharp/flats=-1 minor=0

% Time signature=6/8 MIDI-clocks/click=36 32nd-notes/24-MIDI-clocks=8



%H:With two titles of Welsh derivation, both of which escape convincing

%H:explanation, this unique progressive dance is paired with a 16th

%H:century double-tonic circular tune of haunting familiarity. The title

%H:of the song also connects the tune to Wales, Shropshire lying in the

%H:foothills on the English side of the border.

%W:Chappell quotes the first of 16 verses set to this tune in the 17th


%W:The Shrop-shire Wakes, or hey for Christmas, being the

%W:delightful sports of most countries, to the tune of



%W:Come Robin, Ralph, and little Harry

%W:And merry

%W:Thomas to our green

%W:Where we shall meet with Bridget and Sary


%W:the finest girls that e'er were seen

%W:Then hey for Christmas a once


%W:When we have cakes, with ale and beer

%W:For at Christmas every


%W:Young men and maids may dance away

A2 FF2F A2|Bc>BA B2 GG-|GG B2 cd>cB|A2 FF2F f2|

fe>dc B2 GG-|GG g2 fe>dc|A2 FF2F A2|Bc>BA B2 GG-|

GG B2 cd>cB|A2 FF2F f2|fe>dc B2 GG-|GG g2 fe>dc|

Vous avez choisi la suite :


Fichier 1 ../midi/irlandais72.mp3

Le fichier 1 est provfic.mp3 de longueur 1153222

marquer 1:1153222

Vous avez choisi la suite de marqueur 1:1153222

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