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Ecoutez le fichier ../midi/irlandais75.mp3

% input file irlandais75.mid X: 1 T: M: 4/4 L: 1/8 Q:1/4=50 % Last note suggests Dorian mode tune K:G % 1 sharps % MIDI Key signature, sharp/flats=1 minor=0 % Time signature=4/4 MIDI-clocks/click=48 32nd-notes/24-MIDI-clocks=8 %Broome %The bonny bonny Broome %H:The tune "The Broom of Cowdenknows" was listed in 1632 with a ballad %H:entitled: %H:The lovely northern lasse, who in the ditty here %H:complaining shews what harme she got milking her Daddies %H:ewes. %H:Cowdenknows was a Scottish estate and barony on the east bank %H:of the river Leander, 32 miles SE of Edinburgh, close to the English %H:border. The broom, a shrub which blooms with spikes of small golden %H:flowers, once grew plentifully of its hillsides but was stripped away %H:for turnip farming in the 19th century. d3/2e

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